Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District

1150 West Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

719-522-9666 voicemail/fax    www.wvfpd.org website


!!! For All Emergencies, Call 9-1-1 First !!!






Public Postings

Per Colorado House Bill 19-807, this website will be the primary posting site for all WVFPD regular and special Board Meeting date announcements, cancellations, and changes.  This information may also be posted in the public posting places below, but it is not required.  

Per Senate Bill 09-87 (C.R.S. Article 1, Title 32), this website is considered a Public Posting Place for WVFPD. All Special District Disclosure Statements, meeting announcements and financial postings are available at the following locations:

  •   This website, www.wvfpd.org
  •   Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District Fire Station, 1150 West Woodmen Road 80919

For a list of upcoming events, deadlines and announcements, see the Home Page of this website. To contact one of the officers or directors of the District, see the Management page of this website.

2019 Adopted Budget

2020 Adopted Budget Posted:  The WVFPD Treasurer presented a proposed 2019 budget at a Public Budget Hearing held on December 2, 2019 at 7:00pm at 1150 W. Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. The WVFPD Board of Directors subsequently adopted that budget for the 2020 fiscal year. The adopted budget is available for review in .PDF format below. 

2020 Board of Director and Public Budget Meetings

2020 WVFPD BOD Meetings: The WVFPD Board of Directors will meet on the following dates in 2020. All meetings are public and will be held at the WVFPD Fire Station located at 1150 W Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. The meetings start at 7:00 pm. Residents of the District are encouraged to attend.

  •     February 3, 2020
  •     April 6, 2020
  •     June 1, 2020
  •     August 3, 2020
  •     October 5, 2020
  •     December 7, 2020

2020 Proposed Budget Meeting Scheduled.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the the WVFPD Treasurer will present the 2020 Proposed Budget at a Public Hearing scheduled for December 2, 2019 at 7:00pm.  That budget will be available by November 1, 2019 on this website and at the Public posting places list on the  Financial Data page on this website.

Senate Bill 09-087

Per Senate Bill 09-087, Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District must post Part I (Title 32, article 1) data. These forms are available by clicking on the links below. 

Part II (Qualifying Metropolitan Districts) data does not apply as WVFPD is not part of a metropolitan district.

WVFPD's Special District Transparency Information is also viewable at the Special District Association's website by Clicking Here. Select the Transparency Notice page in the upper right, then select "Search Public Transparency Notices".  Select 'W' and page forward to "Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District".

Send mail to kevin@wvfpd.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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