[WVFPD] Mountain Lion in Woodmen Valley

Kevin Bush kevin at wvfpd.org
Sun Jan 5 16:41:02 CST 2014

Happy New Year, WVFPD Residents,


Several neighbors have spotted a mountain lion along Hidden Valley Road this
week.  It is light brown, about six feet from head to tail and approximately
100 lbs.  Please be aware and protect your animals and children.  


Thanks to Brenda VanderWel for these tips if you encounter a mountain lion:

.         Do not run.

.         Shout in a low voice and wave your arms or hold open your coat to
look large and threatening.

.         Maintain eye contact and do not crouch down.

.         Throw sticks or rocks.

.         If an attack occurs, fight back.


Kevin Bush

Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District (WVFPD)


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