[WVFPD] Woodmen Valley Evacuation Routes

kevin at wvfpd.org kevin at wvfpd.org
Fri Jul 25 12:06:03 CDT 2014

Emergency planning is a critical part of any safety plan. WVFPD is 
passing this email from Laura Whiteside as a courtesy to our Woodmen 
Valley residents:


Hi Kevin,

Several people have asked for a recap of the emergency evacuation tours
that were conducted last summer.

I'm sure we're all grateful for the moisture we've enjoyed this spring
and early summer. But, emergency preparedness is always a good idea and
several of our Woodmen Valley neighbors have asked for a repeat of the
emergency evacuation tours that were conducted last summer. There are
four different routes and rather than setting up a specific date and
time, this year we're asking those who are interested to contact the
route guide(s) directly to arrange a time. The routes and guides

Western evacuation route into Peregrine: Merrilee McEndre
  Merrilee.McEndre at dexmedia.com, 719-535-0484

Northern evacuation from top of Red Spring Valley: Mark McGinnis
  markmcginnis at att.net, 719-598-4641

Eastern evacuation from Southfield (along the railroad tracks): Martha
  rrtosa at gmail.com, 719-231-3972
Eastern evacuation from Hidden Valley to Woodmen Oaks: Russ Meyer
  russ.meyer at att.net, 719-593-1478

If you have any questions, input, or concerns, please contact Laura
Whiteside at lncwhiteside at yahoo.com, 719-598-4890.

On Behalf of the Woodmen Valley Watch,
  Laura Whiteside

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