[WVFPD] A few notes on the WVFPD refund checks and this mailer

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Sat Jul 26 16:14:55 CDT 2014

A couple more notes on the WVFPD refund checks:

* The refund check may be considered taxable income by the US or 
Colorado revenue services. We're not tax experts and can't advise you, 
so please check with CPA or tax filer.

* A few of you have not received your checks yet. Our Treasurer, Kip 
Tarpley, is working hard to track those down. If you have NOT seen your 
check and have not received a response from Kip, please send an email to 
refund2014 at wvfpd.org. Please remember, the envelope will say Clifton 
Larson, not WVFPD.

* You MUST be a taxpayer in the District to receive a refund. After last 
year's Westwood fire, this newsletter was passed a lot of people in 
Woodmen Oaks, Rockrimmon Peregrine and the Broadmoor. Sorry, but unless 
you have been paying taxes into our District, you won't be getting a 

* If you do NOT want to be on this newsletter anymore, please respond to 
this email with your name and email address.  We'll be happy to remove 

Thanks again for supporting WVFPD!

On 2014-07-25 12:13, kevin at wvfpd.org wrote:
> Dear WVFPD Property Owners,
> The last of the WVFPD Tax Refund checks were mailed a week ago. Checks
> were sent to the properties' legal owner names and addresses provided
> by El Paso County as of late June. The envelopes have a Clifton Larson
> return address.
> Please note that many properties are held by some sort of Trust. In
> those cases, the check is written to the Trust, not the individual
> owners.
> If you believe you were due a check, but did not receive it, please
> send an email to refund2014 at wvfpd.org ASAP.  We'll work with Clifton
> Larson to track it down. Be sure to include your full name, Trust name
> (if applicable), property address, mailing address, email address and
> phone number.
> Thanks again for your continued support.
> Kevin Bush,  kevin at wvfpd.org
> Kip Tarpley, kip at wvfpd.org
> Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District
> 719-522-9666
> refund2014 at wvfpd.org
> www.wvfpd.org
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