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Fri Apr 20 20:01:17 CDT 2018

Hello WVFPD Residents,


Thank you to everyone who joined us at last night's meeting.  If you didn't
make it, here are some notes for your reference:



Renewal of a nine-year agreement under which CSFD provides all emergency
fire and medical services to all homes in our district (Cedar Lane,
Thunderbird Estates, Pine Creek Estates and Woodmen Valley). WVFPD residents
have equal status with Colorado Springs resident. Response times have
averaged 8 minutes 30 seconds over the past nine years - well within CSFD's
own goal of 9 minutes 30 seconds.  This service does not increase WVFPD's
tax rates. The agreement does not provide any other city services (police,
road repair, etc.). It also does not imply or require any annexation.  The
WVFPD Board of Directors are very happy with CSFD's performance and look
forward to continued excellent service.  If you have any questions, please
email me at kevin at wvfpd.org <mailto:kevin at wvfpd.org> .   

CHIEF RANDY ROYAL, CSFD OPERATIONS, 719-244-6617, RRoyal at SpringsGov.com
<mailto:RRoyal at SpringsGov.com>  

CSFD has 22 stations including three within five miles of our District. It
has six full ladder trucks, hazmat teams, rough water teams, steep approach
teams and numerous engine teams.  Most engine teams run with a paramedic
on-board.  If you have a medical emergency - CALL 911 - Don't try to drive
to the hospital!  CSFD has the technology to save your life for strokes,
heart attacks and serious wounds before you get to the hospital. They can
also protect you from further damage after falls or broken bones. And they
can even deliver a baby.  Be sure to replace your Smoke Detector and Carbon
Monoxide Alarm batteries every six months.  Modern houses are full of highly
flammable materials.  You only have 3-4 minutes to escape when your smoke
detector goes off.  Our dry weather has put the entire area at a very high
risk of another Waldo Canyon.  CSFD has already run on four times the normal
number of wildfire calls this year as they do in a normal year.  If you have
any questions or concerns, please reach out to Chief Royal by phone or


awhitworth at springsgov.com <mailto:awhitworth at springsgov.com> 

Have 36,000 homes in wildland interfaces in Colorado Springs. The wildland
team works to educate about and assist with fire mitigation.  The team has
analyzed many of the homes in our neighborhoods.  See what your risk level
is by going to
https://gis.coloradosprings.gov/Html5Viewer/?viewer=wildfiremitigation and
entering your address.  It takes a while for the maps to come up, so be
patient.  Each house is rated from good to poor based on how well it is
protected from wildfire.  A stucco house with a class-A roof that has been
carefully mitigated will obviously do much better than a wood house with
wood shake shingles and junipers against the house. Try it out.  It's really
interesting.   Chipping starts October 8 for Pine Creek and Thunderbird and
October 22 for Woodmen Valley and Cedar Lane.  You must attend a CSFD public
meeting or preregister at
am?mlid=20061 to participate.  Attending last night's meeting counts.  You
can also request an onsite analysis by contacting Ashley by phone or email. 

DEPARTMENT, 719-520-7151, BrentAmbuehl at elpasoco.com
<mailto:BrentAmbuehl at elpasoco.com> 

The largest problems in El Paso County are automotive break-ins and theft,
burglary, mail theft and illegal marijuana grows.  Be extremely careful
renting your home. Illegal growers will offer first and last rent along with
a $10,000 deposit to get access to your home.  The illegal grow they will
set up will destroy your house.  Heroin is a huge problem in the county. It
is driving most of the burglary and mail theft.  See
http://myneighborhoodupdate.net/ and http://communitycrimemap.com/ to learn
more about the crimes in your area.  The top burglary deterrents are dogs,
proper lighting and alarm systems.  Burglars often case a neighborhood long
before they hit it. Be sure to close your blinds at night and change your
routine on a regular basis so they can't predict your actions.  Feel free to
contact Brent by phone or email to learn more about fighting crime. He'll
even help assess your property.  


Thanks again and be careful during this dry season!




Kevin Bush
Chairman, Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District |  <http://www.wvfpd.org/>
719-260-8688 office | 719-650-7557 cell |  <mailto:kevin at wvfpd.org>
kevin at wvfpd.org 

 <https://www.linkedin.com/in/kbush> https://www.linkedin.com/in/kbush



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